Hetran-B's Line of Quality Machinery Includes:

  • Bar Turning (Peeling) From Ø 5mm to 650mm
  • 2-Roll Straightener Black bar & bright bar from Ø 8mm to 220mm
  • Belt Polish/Grind Multi stage versions with stationary (bar belt) or rotational (planetary) polishing heads from Ø 5mm to 650mm
  • Bar Handling Systems Bar loading /separation, conveyors, channels, cradles, transport tables, straightness measurement, NDT testing stations and bundling/packaging
  • Coil Handling Systems Pay-off reels, roller straighteners, recoilers, take up blocks, robot manipulators
  • Cutting Systems Saws, abrasive cutters, shears
  • Bar End Conditioning 1 & 2-side chamfering and facing Ø 5mm to 200mm
  • Rotary Arbor Straightening Ø 5mm to 40mm
  • Hydraulic Press bars up to Ø 400mm with 1500 tons
  • Die Shavers Ferrous & non-ferrous Ø 5mm to 13mm

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