Learn About Hetran-B Incorporated

Hetran-B Incorporated, has been in business for 40 years and is known worldwide for quality built machinery and reliable service, now offers a 'new generation' of advanced technology machines for bar to bar, coil to coil and coil to bar production requirements. Hetran-B's complete service capability makes it the single source for all ferrous and non-ferrous finishing requirements. With total engineering and manufacturing ability, Hetran-B provides superior finishing requirements from design to start-up.

The general markets for Hetran-B's machinery are steel mills and processing companies located worldwide with the target market defined as those mills demanding high quality steel products for limitless possible applications. Our technical production support and service team is unmatched. Service technicians are available throughout the world for dependable maintenance and production support to maintain peak performance and quality. The operator-friendly designed machines use the most advanced concepts available today, and are available with a choice of any international standard of electronics and hydraulics for compatibility. The Hetran-B machines allow multiple operations (simultaneous or selective) in closed manufacturing cells incorporating any of the above machines. These Hetran-B lines are superior for the production of high quality material. Hetran-B has installed machinery not only in the USA but also worldwide. With industry knowledgeable sales people throughout the world, Hetran-B can discuss your plans and requirements and offer solutions.

A Customer Driven Company

As leader in the manufacturing of metal finishing equipment, Hetran-B is full committed to the ferrous and non-ferrous industries worldwide by providing top quality machinery, excellent after-sales support and service, through customer consultation and timely response, to meet the client's demand and for the continual growth of Hetran-B in today's global economic changing environment.